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2014 Rules

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Tri-State Antique Tractor Club Inc.
Stone Boat Pulling
Regulations, Rules, Operations & Safety

Class 1 - 3,100 lbs & Under    Class 5 - 6,500 & Under      Class 8  -   9,500 & Under
Class 2  3,600 lbs & Under     Class 6 - 7,500 & Under      Class 9   - 11,000 & Under
Class 3 4,500  lbs & Under     Class 7 - 8,500 & Under     Class 10 - 12,500 & Under
Class 4 5,500 lbs & Under                                                   Class 11 - 14,000 & Under
1. Pit Pass is required. You must be a current member of the Tri-State Antique Tractor Club, Edge&TA Branch 174 and able to produce a membership card and Edge&TA Card. If you are not a member of the club you must pay $25.00 to become a member of the club for the current year.
2. Only two(2) people allowed in pit area with the tractor (driver & mechanic)
3. All participants will be at least 16 years of age. State issued credentials must be provided.(learners permit, drivers license or raised seal birth certificate).
4.  Any Junior Member of the Tri-State Antique Tractor Club/Edge&TA Br. 174 ages 13-16 may participate in pull events. Youth must have completed the Youth Operator Training Course from EDGE&TA and have a certificate of completion.
5. A $10.00 per class hook fee will be paid by Tri-State Antique Tractor Club/EDGE&TA Branch 174 members at the time they enter each class.
Other EDGE&TA Branch members will pay $15.00 per class hook fee.
6. Before the beginning of the pull, participants will meet to appoint a “Track Boss”,an assistant and 4 helpers. Helpers will unhook and hook the chain.
1.Track Officials will be on hand from 7:00am to start weighing Class 1 tractors & heavier classes after that. ALL TRACTORS MUST weigh in before and after pull.
2. Number one (1) puller will be the test puller for each class.  At that time the judges will make the decision on the #1 pullers full pull whether to leave the stone boat “as is” or to subtract weight on the stone boat.  At no time will weight be added to the stone boat prior to the beginning of the weight class.  The track width will be maintained at 40 feet.
3. Any disqualifications on the first attempt bars a second attempt.
4. Contestants will be allowed two(2) attempts. (If not in the right gear or he/she stops before the 5' mark)
5. No pulling from 3 point hitch arms allowed. Any tractor having a quick hitch draw bar must have it in a fixed position. Exception: Early FORD and FERGUSON’s Example: 2N,8N,9N,TO20,TO30.
6. No portion of the tractor may interfere with the boat or the boat’s hitch during a pull.
7. Minimum draw bar length is 18_ from the center of the rear wheels & must be stationary in all directions. Maximum height of 20_ from top of hitching device parallel to ground.  A draw bar height gauge/stand will be used to standardize draw bar height at 20_.  Height will be referred to the center of the draw bar or clevis.
8. Draw bar must be equipped with a 3 ½ “diameter opening with no less than 7/8_ thickness and no more than 1 ½ “ from the back of opening of hitch device.
9. All TRACTORS MUST HAVE WHEELIE BARS made of at least 3/8_ material(metal).  Bottom of pad to track must not be more than 10_ maximum.  Rear of wheelie bar to be even with the back of rear tires.  Tractor without wheelie bars suited for that tractor will not be able to pull. (Judges will be checking)
10. Hanging weights are allowed. All weights must be safely secured to tractor.  Any ballast or external parts lost while hooked to the boat will be cause for disqualification, including draw bars & hitches. Any movement of hydraulic weight bracket while hooked to the sled is not allowed.
11. No re-weighting of tractor after weigh-in. Tractors will be re-weighed on the scales after pulling.  Tractors are to remain in the staging area. 
12. NO transferring of weights from one tractor to another on the track.

1. Tractors should be entered 30 minutes before the start of each class & be weighted and ready to pull and pass safety inspection. Including working rear brakes, fan shroud.
2. NO ALCOHOL BEVERAGES ALLOWED or consumption of alcohol or use of non-prescription drugs of any type will be allowed.  You will be disqualified.
3. No Riders on tractors in the pit area or the track. Operators only.
4. All Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times. Any members exhibiting un sportsman conduct will be disqualified.
5. Participants are encouraged to equip their tractors with a fire extinguisher. Two 20lb. Fire Extinguishers owned by the club will be onsite during pulls.
6. No adding of fluids such as coolant, hydraulic fluid or fuels while on the track this will mean disqualification.
7. If pulling more than one tractor per class, the tractor that has finished pulling must be removed from the track.
8. Each tractor may be entered in more than one class but only once in each class. Classes that a tractor can enter will be determined by the time and by officials on track.
9. Tractors that do not meet original manufactures specs will be allowed to pull exhibition and not as participant. No cut tires allowed classes 1-7 or more than18.4wide
10. Tractors must be commercially manufactured and 2 wheel drive. NO 4wheel drive tractors allowed to pull, unless front drive shaft is removed.
11.  Weights to be positioned as close to the rear of the tractor as possible. Weights must not interfere with the person hooking the chain.  Weight brackets must be constructed strong enough and securely attached. Inspections will be made to see if weight brackets are constructed strong enough for weight carried.
12.  The operator must remain seated during the pull & must have complete control of the tractor at all times. All tractors must be in neutral or park while being hitched & unhitched. (Transmission selector)
13. A signal from the track official indicating a disqualification must be immediately obeyed. If not obeyed the contestant will not be allowed to pull for the rest of the day.
14. Track Officials will determine a “full pull” as mandated by the track & track conditions.
15.  The sled MUST be started parallel with track boundaries but the tractor can hook up to 30 degrees from sled.  The pullback tractor operator can be asked to potion the stone boat to the right or left of the track, but the stone boat will be parallel to the track.  All pulls must start with a tight chain. NO Jerking Permitted. 
16. During the pull, tractors will remain in the same gear they started to pull with. The shifting of torque amplifiers will not be allowed/powershifts will not be allowed.
17. Tractors must remain in the boundaries of the contest course, or the puller will be disqualified. “Out of Bounds” line should continue for 20ft past the finish line for a “full pull”. Tractors must stay within the line even if the tractor has completed a “full pull”. If the track conditions do not allow the out of bounds line to be installed past the “full pull” line or if the cut off bounds line were

not installed then rule #17 does not exist past the “full pull” line.

Parents/Guardians take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of ALL MINORS they bring with them to events

The rules have been revised by the pulling committee in 2014.  They were revised to comply with our Insurance Company and with the EDGE&TA Stone Boat Safety Rules .

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